Paulsson Lab People

Department of Systems Biology
Harvard Medical School

The lab works on a mix of mathematical theory for fluctuations, experimental methods to count molecules, and various applications to central processes in the cell. The lab members correspondingly come from pure and applied mathematics, theoretical and experimental physics, chemistry, molecular biology, microbiology and genetics. The group currently consists of 4 postdocs and 7 graduate students as well as several short- and long-term visitors at all career stages.

Johan Paulsson
Associate Professor of Systems Biology

Per Malkus
Research Scientist

Anna Andersson
Graduate Student - Niels Bohr Institute

Meriem El-Karoui
Visiting Professor

Raul Fernandez-Lopez
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Andreas Hilfinger
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dann Huh
Harvard Graduate Student - Chemistry

Rishi Jajoo
Harvard Graduate Student - Systems Biology

Yoonseok Jung
Harvard Graduate Student - Applied Physics

Dirk Landgraf
Harvard Graduate Student - Systems Biology

Ghee Chuan Lai
Harvard Graduate Student - Chemical Physics

Billy Lau
Harvard Graduate Student - Bioengineering

Nathan Lord
Harvard Graduate Student - Systems Biology

Thomas Norman
Harvard Graduate Student - Systems Biology

Burak Okumus
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Jeanne Salje
Departmental Postdoctoral Fellow - Visiting Scientist

Shay Tal
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Past visitors and members
Scot Carson
Lucy Colwell
Jen Gong
Aziz Mithani
Lykke Pedersen
Juan Manuel Pedraza
Mariana Gomez Schiavon